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Sea Freight Services

First-mile & Sea Freight Services

Long-term and stable partnerships with top shipping companies to have our own online and offline contracts. We cover major shipping ports in Asia for the first mile and have our YQN US branch to handle the destination port services.

Warehousing Services

Overseas Warehousing Services

A professional Chinese management team and US operation team with over 20 years of experience. Provide professional warehousing services for medium and large-sized item transportation distributed to all channels.

Last-mile delivery companies

Last-mile Delivery Services

YQN has established excellent express discounts in medium and large-sized commodity delivery services. Our self-developed intelligent system could recommend the optimal last-mile delivery to customers combined with our years of quality truck resources.

YQN Global Digital Logistics Expert

YQN has established subsidiaries worldwide, covering North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. We have partnered with 300+ top shipping and airline companies and have access to 3500+ high-quality supplier resources.


Logistics Solutions for Agents and Shippers

Use YQN to save time, cut costs, and maximize efficiency. Navigate and track your loads via our advanced interface, dedicated customer support with full access to our platform, and competitive pricing.

Trucking Service

Together, let grow your customer base

YQN has partnered with over 300 global shipping and airline companies, with over 3500+ global suppliers, including major airlines, railway companies, freight forwarders, towing companies, customs clearance companies, insurance companies, overseas warehouses, and courier companies.

Supply chain solutions

International Scope, China Local Expertise

YQN is dedicated to providing you with free business consultation and professional solutions. After booking with YQN, the customer service representative will confirm the accurate pickup or loading time for you and send real-time business updates and reminders through the YQN platform.

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