Integrated Logistics Solution

China – North America: YQN provides professional end-to-end logistics solutions for medium and large-sized item transportation distributed through all channels, which includes cross-border transport, warehousing, trans-loading, drop shipping, and last-mile delivery.

End-to-end logistics solution

First-mile & Sea Freight Services

Domestic Trucking Service
Stable cooperation with container trucking companies, covering major ports in China.
Customs Declaration at Original Ports
International Transportation
Customs Clearance at Destination Ports
Trucking Services at Destination Ports

Overseas Warehousing Services

Strong Proprietary Warehouse Resources
Over 2 million square feet of overseas warehouse resources in North America, covering the East Coast, West Coast, Southeast, and Canada.
System Visualization, Cost Visibility
Professional Chinese Management Teams
Zone Management Within the Warehouse
Customized Solutions for Major Clients

Last-mile Delivery Services

Significant Express Discounts
Cover medium and large-sized categories such as home appliances, home furnishings, outdoor products, smart travel, gardening, and automotive parts. We have had access to high-quality last-mile delivery accounts for nearly 10 years, offering ultra-low discounts.
Intelligent Matching for Optimal Last-mile Delivery
Fulfillment for Both B2B and B2C Across Multiple Channels
Rich truck resources
Extra Commercial Insurance Services

Our Capabilities

Provide Services on Demand

Provide full-package, single-select, or multi-select services. Sea Freight: services for origin port, ocean freight, destination port. Appointment is not required to enter YQN US warehouses. Warehouse and Delivery: with over 20 years of overseas supply chain experience, YQN US warehouses integrate warehousing, small parcel, trucking, insurance, and other services to provide customers with flexible solutions and competitive shipping rates.

Intelligent Supply Chain Management

The integration service of cross-border transportation, warehousing and last-mile delivery allows real-time monitoring of the goods status in transit. This optimizes remote inventory management on the Digital Twin Platform. BI reports provide data-driven intelligent analysis to realize multi-dimensional inventory management. This allows customers to allocate inventory across warehouses and provides suggestions for optimizing inventory.

One-click Connection for All Channels

YQN digital management system can comprehensively connect different online and offline channels, including e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Wayfair, as well as supermarkets, large stores and agencies. We provide diversified and high-quality fulfillment services for multi-scene and multi-channel integrated sellers.

A Flexible Supply Chain

Provide end-to-end supply chain services to enhance risk resilience against market fluctuations and price volatility. Connect all information nodes throughout the entire process to realize shared inventory among production sites, in-transit, and overseas warehouses, reduce stockpiling, ensure no shortage at the distribution end, and improve cost-efficiency.

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