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YQN Showcases Leading Service Capabilities at the 2024 INTERMACH Exhibition in Thailand

Empowering Complex Supply Chains: Delivering Cutting-Edge Solutions for Industrial Logistics

BANGKO, Thailand, May 18, 2024 — YQN, one of the leading forces in global digital logistics, showcased its prowess at the four-day INTERMACH exhibition held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre. This event marked a significant stride in YQN’s strategic expansion in Southeast Asia, highlighting its innovative logistics solutions and strong service capabilities that captivated many attendees.

Cash Zhou, CEO of YQN, reflected on the company's achievements in Thailand, emphasizing this event as a key component of their broader Southeast Asian strategy. "This exhibition allows us to demonstrate our commitment to revolutionizing industrial logistics with advanced solutions tailored for complex industry chains," Mr. Zhou said.

YQN positions itself as an expert in global digital logistics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company offers advisory international logistics services and comprehensive solutions. YQN operates 25 subsidiaries worldwide, with business operations spanning regions including North America, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Thailand, being ASEAN's second-largest economy, focuses heavily on import and export trade, showcasing its substantial influence in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. China remains Thailand's top trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching $104.964 billion in 2023, focusing on vehicles, plastic products, and machinery. "The INTERMACH exhibition reflects the vibrancy of Thailand's international trade market, and our participation underscores our dedication to this dynamic region while showcasing our capabilities to innovate and meet the demands of international industrial logistics," Mr. Zhou elaborated.

During INTERMACH, YQN presented a series of bespoke international logistics solutions designed to meet the intricate supply chain needs of Southeast Asia, spanning industries from manufacturing to technology. The company also highlighted its specialized logistics services for the Southeast Asian market, including the transportation of perishable foods, wine, cosmetics, automotive parts, chemicals, medical equipment, and project cargo. Zhou emphasized that YQN's solutions combine local expertise with global standards to ensure meticulous and efficient operations, particularly in areas like cross-border transportation and customized logistics services.

YQN has pioneering Robotic Process Automation tools into the documentation processes of international logistics. Employing backend virtual robots, this advanced approach enables intelligent recognition of shipping instructions and bills of lading, automation of pre-stowage, and efficient management of bookings. The system automatically dispatches updates and supplements for bills of lading, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99%. This high level of automation not only quintuples efficiency but also drastically cuts labor needs, facilitating streamlined, paperless operations.

Moreover, Mr. Zhou discussed YQN's forward-looking strategy, including the integration of AI and other emerging technologies. "We are exploring AI-driven optimization to enhance efficiency and implementing real-time tracking systems to ensure transparency throughout the global logistics," he noted, asserting that these technologies are crucial for developing comprehensive, end-to-end logistics solutions that enable businesses to prosper in an interconnected world.

The feedback from INTERMACH was overwhelmingly positive, with industry leaders recognizing YQN's role in setting new standards for logistics services. "YQN's logistics innovations are heralding a new era of efficiency and digitalization," commented an INTERMACH organizer. The exhibition served as a platform for YQN to demonstrate its capabilities, including AI-enhanced logistics processes and eco-friendly transportation methods vital for the sustainable growth of global supply chains.

As YQN continues to expand its global footprint, the company remains committed to enhancing its services to meet the evolving needs of international markets. Its extensive network across key logistics hubs in Asia and beyond positions YQN as a pivotal force in the future of global digital logistics.

About YQN:

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Shanghai, YQN is one of the leading forces in global digital logistics. We offer a wide array of seamless solutions spanning sea, air, and rail freight, alongside a full suite of services including customs clearance, insurance, and overseas warehousing. With a significant global presence, our network extends to international branches in regions including North America, Southeast Asia,  Latin America and Middle East, with specific locations in the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, among others, and also spans major Chinese cities.

Boasting a global footprint and a comprehensive network comprising over 300 shipping and airline companies, alongside 3500+ trusted partners, YQN is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable international logistics services designed to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. Discover more about our innovative solutions by visiting our website at www.YQN.com, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at @YQN.

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INTERMACH is a prominent trade fair for mechanical engineering, organized by Informa Markets, a global leader in trade fairs. INTERMACH THAILAND focuses on sectors such as industrial machinery, automation technology, machine tools, and logistics solutions, facilitating a platform for showcasing the latest in technological innovations and efficient manufacturing solutions.

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