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YQN Warehousing Services

June 28, 2024

YQN warehousing services in the United States are primarily situated in the western, southeastern, and northeastern regions of the country, as well as Canada, spanning a total area of 3 million square feet. A professional Chinese management team with over two decades of expertise, along with local operation teams, maintains stringent service quality control, guaranteeing a daily order processing capacity of 30,000 orders.

Warehouse location and size

YQN warehouse data

YQN warehousing logistics services cater primarily to customers in medium and large-sized industries, encompassing sectors such as indoor and outdoor furniture, home appliances, fitness and sports, smart travel, and auto parts. We offer a comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution that spans from the departure port, ocean shipping, destination port, warehousing and storage, to last-mile delivery (via truck and express services), aimed at assisting customers in reducing their overall logistics cost.

We try to achieve minimal inventory at the production end and maximum availability at the distribution end.

Warehousing logistics and storage

Through its self-developed IT systems for order, warehousing, and logistics, YQN warehousing services boast intelligent transportation scheduling, effectively minimizing supply chain management costs. The YQN digital warehousing management system (WMS) seamlessly integrates various online and offline channels, including e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Wayfair, along with supermarkets, large stores, and agencies, covering over 80% of the US market for shipping medium and large goods.

YQN provides diversified and high-quality fulfillment services for multi-scene and multi-channel integrated sellers.

Warehousing order fulfillment

Customer Success Story

A Chinese consumer electronics brand successfully completed a multi-month relocation project in the United States, involving the relocation of over hundreds of containers. The customer's relocation objectives were crystal clear: to establish a reliable long-term warehousing partnership and enhance supply chain collaboration.

YQN USA warehouse

The customer's global expansion is progressing rapidly, boasting over 10 manufacturing factories in China and more than 40 destination ports for transportation worldwide. Therefore, ensuring effective collaboration across the entire supply chain is of utmost importance.

YQN has 24 subsidiaries globally, spanning North America, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Leveraging a digital business system, the Chinese team and overseas teams can collaborate effectively online. The domestic Chinese team communicates the customer's needs, while the local US team responds and executes accordingly. This eliminates the need for customers to communicate with overseas teams across different time zones, thereby enhancing communication and collaboration efficiency between domestic and international teams.

During the warehouse relocation, the Chinese team swiftly completed the overall planning in just one week, and the YQN US team promptly arranged for the relocation. Dozens of trucks delivered goods to the warehouse daily, and the US team then efficiently arranged the placement in a short timeframe, ensuring that the customer's daily sales and goods movement operations remained unaffected.

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