Shipping Motorcycles Across the Mountains

Chongqing, hailed as the "Motorcycle Capital" of China, not only doesn’t ban motorcycles but also keeps increasing motorcycle production and exports. It aspires to evolve from the Motorcycle Capital of China to the Motorcycle Manufacturing Capital of the world. Behind the growing shipment volume lies the support of international logistics service providers with scale and expertise.

Living up to its reputation, Chongqing achieved an export value of 14.67 billion RMB for gasoline-powered motorcycles in 2021, ranking first in China. From January to August 2022, Chongqing's export of electric motorcycles increased by 87%. However, the question arises: How to efficiently transport motorcycles?

With its mountainous terrain and the need to cross rivers before reaching the sea, river transportation is the primary mode for import and export in Chongqing. Yet, as export volumes continue to rise, enterprises and manufacturers demand faster and more diverse logistics solutions.

Mountain Roads, Railways, and Waterways - All Routes are Accessible

YQN has provided services for multiple leading motorcycle companies in Chongqing. Based on the existing river and sea transportation, we have developed a series of multi-tiered and multi-modal international logistics solutions, which are tailored to the diverse needs of motorcycle enterprises on timeliness, efficiency and cost of transportation. In short, we ensure accessibility through mountain roads, railways, and waterways.

Model One: Truck + Sea Transportation

Compared to water transportation, transportation through mountain roads takes the shortest time. By using trucks to transport containers from Chongqing to Shanghai port, the journey usually takes only three days. With proper planning, seamless transport can be made to ensure timely departure from Shanghai port, which significantly improves transportation efficiency for motorcycle companies.

YQN Logistics Advantage:

YQN provides comprehensive logistics solutions, including trucking, customs declaration, warehousing, cargo insurance, and more. We efficiently cater to different customer demands for transportation time and costs.

Model Two: Transportation + Sea Transportation

River transportation is the mainstream mode for Chongqing's local exports. By utilizing river barges on the Yangtze River, goods can be transported from Chongqing to Shanghai or Ningbo Port, where to be shipped overseas. Typically, river transportation takes around 20 days and offers the lowest cost. For motorcycle companies with less stringent time requirements, the "river transportation + sea transportation" mode helps to reduce transportation costs.

YQN Logistics Advantage:

YQN provides a range of multi-modal transportation options. With a digital platform that monitors real-time vessel schedules and port planning, we can efficiently coordinate over 20 domestic river ports, including Taicang, Jiangyin, Yangzhou, Anqing, and Wuhu, ensuring smooth delivery of customers' goods.

Model Three: Railway Transportation + Sea Transportation

Railway-sea combined transportation could balance transportation time and costs. Latin America is an important market for Chongqing's motorcycle exports. Based on the routes and sail schedules covered by departure ports, we prioritize arranging trains from Chongqing to Ningbo or Qinzhou. Railway transportation typically takes 8-13 hours. After arrival, we arrange trailers to transport containers from the railway station to Ningbo Port or Guangzhou Port.

Considering transportation volume, costs, and time, railway-sea combined transportation serves as an auxiliary solution to meet the diversified needs of motorcycle companies in different scenarios.

YQN Logistics Advantage:

YQN, as a one-stop international logistics platform, connects a vast array of logistics supply resources. We offer comprehensive multi-modal logistics solutions, including sea, rail, and air transportation.

Currently, YQN has facilitated the international shipment of over 3,000 containers for motorcycle companies annually, exporting to countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia in Latin America. In 2021, China exported approximately 1.421 million gasoline-powered motorcycles to Mexico, surpassing one-tenth of China's total motorcycle exports.


YQN Operation Team

2023-08-17 17:00:00