How to Transport Bicycles?

Amid the pandemic, people in many countries have chosen bicycles as a means of transportation and fitness, considering the need for epidemic prevention and physical well-being. As a result, China's bicycle exports have soared overseas. Customs data shows that in 2021, China exported 69.26 million bicycles, a year-on-year increase of 14.9%. For bicycle export companies, meeting the massive order demands requires continuous production and transportation throughout the year.

So, in light of significant transportation demands within a limited time, how do they effectively implement just-in-time delivery strategies and optimize transportation costs? In this episode, we will present with an example of bicycle export.

In this particular case, YQN received a client's commission to transport a large quantity of bicycles to markets in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Europe. Facing the challenges of tight delivery schedules, large cargo volumes, and multiple destinations, we customized a transportation plan to overcome each obstacle.

01 Container Planning

Under equal freight rates, the higher the space utilization of individual containers, the lower the overall costs. Based on ensuring the safe packaging of bicycles, and with the expertise of our professional packers, we increased the loading capacity from the original 220-240 bicycles per container to around 280 bicycles, effectively saving transportation costs for our client.

02 Container Chassis Dispatch

The client's products are highly popular overseas, and importers have a strong demand for inventory. During peak periods, nearly 30 containers need to be transported daily. We actively schedule dispatches of container chassis by land according to our client's production plan, ensuring a steady supply of transportation capacity and timely container arrivals at the ports.

03 Multi-Line Shipping

YQN collaborates with 106 shipping companies and 2,000 suppliers. To ensure prompt delivery and uninterrupted production for our clients, we leverage multi-line resources to ship goods to Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Europe, aligning with their respective sales networks. This prevents warehousing accumulation and enables timely delivery of our client's goods.

Currently, it is an opportunity time for bicycle manufacturers to expand their production capacity and seize overseas markets. While enterprises focus on winning acclaim through innovation and quality, YQN supports them with lower overall transportation costs and a robust supply chain coordination capability, ensuring a transportation and worry-free production.


YQN Operation Team

2023-08-17 18:00:00