Safeguard the Cross-border Shipping of Home Appliances

In the first quarter of 2023, there are signs of recovery in home appliance exports. For many home appliance companies, how to seize the overseas markets and expand exports has become a crucial focus in 2023. In recent years, YQN has been continuously providing shipping logistics services for Chinese well-known home appliance brands like AUX, Gree, Changhong, TCL and so on, and has developed mature solutions for home appliances' overseas shipping. Today, let us discuss home appliance exports further.

According to the latest data released by the Bureau of Statistics, home appliance exports in March 2023 exceeded expectations. From January to March 2023, the total export value of home appliances reached 141.24 billion yuan, an increase of 3.2% year-on-year. In March 2023, the export value of household appliances was 56.98 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 20.6%, and the export volume was 321.12 million, showing a 22.9% increase year-on-year.

With the influence of national policies such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the RECP, emerging markets like the Middle East and Latin America have become the focus areas for home appliance exports in 2023.

However, the requirements for home appliance export such as time, space, and supporting services are very high. Taking one of YQN's long-term home appliance customers as an example, not only do they have a large shipment volume, but they also have high requirements for shipping time. How can these demands be met effectively?

First Step:

Abundant Resources - Available Cargo Space upon Shipment

This customer’s main export destination is Latin America, where there is a distinct peak and off-season throughout the year. The peak season starts from December to July or August of the following year, while the off-season is from August to November of the same year when consumer demand gradually decreases. During the peak season, a single brand can ship 700-800 containers in one month at its peak.

Due to the large order volume, this home appliance company’s typical operation process is to arrange the production immediately after receiving overseas orders and simultaneously plan the shipping solution, ensuring that the goods are warehoused for the shortest time. Therefore, each time an order is received, the first task is to confirm the availability of shipping space and the shipping schedule.

Based on an understanding of the home appliance industry, YQN responds quickly after receiving a request, which allows enough production time for the manufacturer and ensures adequate space and competitive rates.

YQN's Logistics Advantages:

The shipping plan tailored for home appliance customers:

1. Precisely match shipping schedules with customer’s production cycles.

2. Ensure sufficient cargo space to meet shipping volume demands.

3. Offer competitive shipping rates.

Second Step:

Professional Team - Comprehensive One-stop Service

Due to the large shipment volume, the customer demands a one-stop logistics solution to minimize unnecessary cost losses.

The supply of containers at two ports close to the customer’s factory often fails to meet their shipping volume, which affects their shipment plans and increases land transportation costs.

When designing shipping solutions for the customer, YQN took the shipment volume into account and assessed the container availability at the ports in advance. In addition to the designated port, YQN appointed a major port close to the customer's factory and coordinated trailers to transport the goods to the terminal at one time, reducing the costs of multiple transportation trips.

YQN's Logistics Advantages:

The home appliance industry often involves large shipment volumes and urgent deliveries, so they are sensitive to cost losses. Overall, the home appliance industry places high demands on the completeness and details of logistics solutions. Based on years of service experience in this industry,

YQN provided effective and professional services, which has established a 'trustworthy' reputation among home appliance companies.

As China's home appliances export gradually shifts towards emerging markets, logistics will become an increasingly vital infrastructure. Relying on abundant logistics resources in Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, and other regions, YQN offers solid support for the overseas expansion of the home appliance industry, safeguarding its global growth.


YQN Operation Team

2023-08-17 16:00:00