Making Electric Bicycles Exportation Hassle-Free

Approaching the end of 2022, many cross-border e-commerce sellers are increasingly focused on reducing costs and increasing efficiency after experiencing the roller coaster market changes in 2022.

From bulky home furnishings to small parcels of electronic products, cross-border e-commerce sellers are attempting to enhance the stability, reliability, and effectiveness of the international logistics supply chain through the end-to-end logistics service model.

Challenges in Exporting Electric Bicycles

As a high-value category, electric motorcycles and electric bicycles align with the global trend of low-carbon and low-consumption travel, resulting in continuous growth in export volumes. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs, from January to October 2022, the total export volume of electric motorcycles/bicycles reached 14.37 million, with an export value of 30.7 billion RMB, representing an 8.3% year-on-year increase.

Among YQN's clients, many are prominent domestic electric bicycle enterprises that have faced numerous obstacles in expanding overseas markets. Even in the transportation process alone, they encounter numerous challenges. Due to their lack of familiarity with the international logistics market, each step, from customs clearance and pickups to last-mile delivery abroad, is assigned to various logistics service providers. Without proper qualifications, they run the risk of unwittingly falling into pitfalls.

Taking one of our clients as an example, this particular client was unprepared for qualifications and was unfamiliar with international logistics service models and risk assessments. They encountered numerous challenges alone the way. YQN tailored an end-to-end logistics service solution, addressing their specific problems and avoiding new risks.

First Challenge: Uncontrollable Customs Clearance

This client needed to export large quantities to the North American market but was unfamiliar with customs supervision requirements. So several attempts to customs clearance had failed.

Based on YQN's comprehensive understanding of the import and export supervision requirements for electric bicycles, it has identified the key obstacle that the companies face in exporting: the inspection and supervision of "lithium-ion batteries". Given that domestic electric bicycles commonly utilize lithium-ion battery packs, the customs declaration classification can vary depending on the type of battery and assembly methods used, thereby creating additional complexities in the export declaration process.

The YQN team meticulously evaluated the client's situation at every stage and provided a customized end-to-end international logistics solution. By seamlessly integrating customs clearance into the process, our professional team aided the client in preparing accurate declaration materials that aligned with the specific requirements of various ports and their product details, thereby improving customs clearance efficiency, ensuring smooth and timely delivery.

Second Challenge: Uncontrollable Pickup and Collection

The client highly valued "door-to-door delivery" service. Given that electric bicycles fall into transport size category between large and medium, they are primarily shipped via FCL or LCL. The intermediate process from the factory to the port incurs a significant cost, and can be prone to issues.

As part of the comprehensive end-to-end solution, YQN provides "Factory Pickup" service, which not only ensures the overall quality of service but also facilitates cost control. This service guarantees reliable and secure transportation from the factories to the port, eliminating risks such as loss, damage, or the occurrence of empty containers during transportation. Currently, YQN platform boasts an extensive network of over 3,500 global suppliers, all renowned for their high-quality services. These suppliers cover a wide range of logistics services such as small parcel collection, container pickup, customs clearance, overseas warehousing, distribution, and even armed escorts. These services are standardized through YQN's SOP processes, ensuring service quality and enabling complete online traceability.

Third Challenge: Uncontrollable Delivery Time

As cross-border e-commerce sellers, they attaches great importance to delivery time. Any delays in delivery process can have a detrimental impact on the overall customer experience.

In the customized end-to-end solution, YQN handles all logistics stages, and ensures real-time tracking of the entire journey. This enables clients to have complete visibility and a clear understanding of the current status of their goods at each logistics node. For instance, in the event of congestion at the port of Los Angeles, the system promptly issues an early warning, empowering clients to proactively redirect their stock to alternative overseas warehouses, helping minimize any adverse impact and ensures smooth operations.

As a leading one-stop international logistics service platform in China, YQN leverages its extensive logistics resources and industry expertise to address the complexities and challenges of international logistics processes. With a strong commitment to reliability and high-quality services, we help clients reduce risks, ensuring secure shipments, and empower Chinese sellers and brands to expand their global presence.


YQN Operation Team

2023-08-17 17:00:00