YQN Develops Global Logistics Solutions to

Transport Solar Energy Products Overseas

Latin America is vast, with abundant solar and wind energy reserves. As green and low-carbon renewable energy source, solar and wind energy are gradually replacing traditional energy such as oil, natural gas, and coal.

In the last couple of years, many Latin American countries have been actively developing and using renewable energy. or instance, Mexico aims to raise the share of renewable energy in electricity generation to 35% by 2024, as required by its "Climate Change Law." Currently, Mexico's solar energy products market is valued at $150 million, with solar water heaters alone accounting for $130 million, making them a crucial application of new energy.

However, shipping solar water heaters overseas is a challenging task. Solar water heater companies require cost-effective logistics while ensuring shipment safety and stability. To address this, YQN has developed a targeted one-stop overseas logistics solution, specifically tailored for eco-friendly businesses, offering specialized booking, trucking, and customs clearance, etc.

Fragile and Easily Breakable, Solar Water Heaters Require Professional Protection

Unlike traditional water heaters, solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat, and their main components include evacuated tube collector, water storage tank, and tank brackets. Evacuated collector tubes are made of glass and are extremely fragile and easily breakable during transportation. Ensuring the safety and integrity during the transportation process is of utmost importance.

YQN offers specialized reinforcement and protection for solar water heaters:

1. Multi-layer packaging to minimize damage from external vibrations.

2. Use of special devices to reinforce evacuated collector tubes and enhance stability by adding solid materials under the water tank bracket.

3. Some products are packaged in wooden crates.

Reduce costs, Improve Efficiency, and Boost Global Competitiveness

Solar water heaters have high shipment volumes but lower value, so manufacturers demand cost-effective logistics solutions. YQN uses leading technologies to digitalize and optimize supply chain, and helps customers control costs and enhance their competitiveness in the international market.

YQN service advantages:

1. Multi-port shipments

With solar water heater manufacturing plants spread widely, YQN's nationwide logistics service network allows arranging shipments from nearby locations, effectively reducing trucking costs.

2. Advantages in shipping routes

YQN possesses market-leading contract for shipping routes in high-demand areas like Latin America and Southeast Asia for solar water heaters. In countries such as Mexico, Vietnam, India, and Bulgaria, where customers have significant shipments, YQN ensures reasonable control of transportation costs, maximizing efficiency.

3. Localized teams

With 24 branches worldwide, including in the US, Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand, YQN offers local services such as custom clearance and trucking and other last mile services, ensuring hassle-free international shipping solutions for customers.

In addition to solar energy, wind power is gaining popularity in emerging countries. During Brazil's dry season from April to October, wind energy in the northeastern region generates 72% of the total electricity, effectively mitigating power shortages. Many wind power equipment in Brazil comes from China.

According to statistics, over 60% of wind power equipment worldwide is manufactured in China. However, shipping these large and irregularly shaped devices internationally is very challenging. Nevertheless, YQN stands out in providing wind power equipment shipping services. Leveraging our leading sea, air, and rail transportation resources, YQN has provided complete international logistics solutions for over 200 sets of wind power components and more than 800 large wind turbine blades in the past two years, earning recognition from our customers.

YQN has developed comprehensive logistics solutions for exporting renewable energy products, including solar panels, solar water heaters, wind power equipment, and more. By leveraging YQN's advantageous resources in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India, and the Red Sea region, we aims to assist more eco-friendly businesses in going global and gaining a competitive edge in overseas markets through cost reduction and improved efficiency.


YQN Operation Team


2023-08-25 18:00:00